PAQC SPAC – SEA Unicorn Tech is PAQ’d to the brim

An introduction to the Provident Acquisition Corporation (NASDAQ: PAQC) Foreign marketplaces are starting to see the benefit of avoiding the traditional IPO process and favouring the SPAC route. The US trend has spread to Europe and can be seen increasingly more so in Asia. The PAQC SPAC is the latest offering bringing a huge blank […]

PACX SPAC – The Hunt For A Greenhorn Tech Unicorn

An Introduction to the Pioneer Merger Corporation (NASDAQ: PACX) The world of SPACs has a number of different offerings, ranging from the extremely trustworthy to the somewhat shady. The PACX SPAC is at the far end of the extremely safe and reputable spectrum. Bringing with it some of the biggest celebrity names in the rapidly […]

TINV SPAC – Believe in The Asian Unicorn Stonk

An Introduction to the Tiga Investments (NYSE: TINV) Acquisition Corporation As more and more SPACs flood the open market, the TINV SPAC is a shining beacon of a “Blank Check” company in its purest definition. All geared up with nowhere to go, the company has successfully entered the public market as of 23rd November 2020. […]

SCOA SPAC – A Collection of Great Assets?

Introduction to the ScION Tech Growth I (NASDAQ: SCOA) Acquisition Corporation SPACs are running rampant across the US financial markets. This is making waves across borders as many more businesses are realizing the great benefits of the “Blank Check” company. The SCOA SPAC is a clear indication of the incoming tidal wave. These foreign-based SPACs […]