FLAC SPAC – Expect Some FLAC In The Life Sciences

An introduction to the Frazier Lifesciences (NASDAQ:FLAC) Acquisition Corporation The boom in the Medical and Technology sectors have had rippling effects all across the financial markets. The Life Sciences industry is a very lucrative marketplace with incredible growth potential and scalability. The FLAC SPAC aims to capitalize on this. Initially seeking $100 million to enter […]

BCYP SPAC -Big Genomics Money for Big Cypress?

An Introduction to the Big Cypress (NASDAQ: BCYP) Acquisition Corporation It is no secret that the biggest sectors right now are the Medical and Technology fields. The BCYP SPAC narrows its entrance into the Medical field by looking at Life Sciences. Bringing with it a fantastic team with countless years of experience. Announcing itself on […]

MTAC SPAC – MedTech Sector is getting Tacky?

An Introduction to the MedTech (NASDAQ: MTAC) Acquisition Corporation Perhaps you hear the name, MedTech and immediately consider the MTAC SPAC as yet another acquisition company entering the medical and health sector. Well, you wouldn’t be wrong but the MTAC SPAC is aimed at a very particular niche subsector that is surprisingly empty with companies […]

LUXA SPAC – A touch of LUXury in HealthTech

An Introduction to the Lux Health Tech (NASDAQ: LUXA) Acquisition Corporation The SPAC sector has been exploding over recent years. With that number set to rise, it is no surprise that VC firms are arriving on the scene. The LUXA SPAC is a prime example. Brought to you from the extremely talented investor, Peter Hérbert, […]

HCAR SPAC – Is there a Doctor In Sight?

Introduction to the Healthcare Services (NASDAQ: HCAR) Acquisition Healthcare SPACs everywhere you look. Investors are taking note and definitely getting sick of it. There are only so many merger or acquisition candidates within these sectors in the upcoming 2 years. So what possessed the team behind the HCAR SPAC to enter an already saturated field? […]

IIAC SPAC – Healthcare Hurricane Team

An Introduction to the Investindustrial Acquisition (NYSE: IIAC) Corp Medical technology and Healthcare industries have seen nothing but positive trends mainly due to the Coronavirus and the Global Pandemic. This can be seen across financial markets worldwide and it appears the IIAC SPAC has joined the rat race. Something like healthcare is a necessity and […]