AGC SPAC – Growing To New Heights?

An Introduction to the Altimeter Growth (Nasdaq: AGC) Corporation The SPAC world is filled with contenders, some more legitimate than others. But the reasonably new financial tool is shifting constantly and the AGC SPAC marks the beginning of that evolution. Looking to enter the tech sector with a substantial IPO of $450 million, the tradition […]

AKIC SPAC – Play Of The Game?

An Introduction to the Sports Ventures Acquisition (NASDAQ: AKIC) Corporation The SPAC sector is filling with contenders looking to enter every industry. Although the most SPAC-filled sectors extend to tech and healthcare, the potential earnings with the less popular industries should not be forgotten. But has the AKIC SPAC got what it takes? Below is […]

XPOA SPAC – Money CAN buy you happiness

An Introduction to the DPCM Special Purpose Acquisition (NYSE: XPOA) Company The surprising turns around the XPOA SPAC are certainly very strange. A well-known and connected team with a large sized target in mind. Entering into a rapidly growing sector. It is certainly surprising to see the share price sitting so idle. Entering the open […]

FRX SPAC – Forest Road Media Focus Shaq SPAC

Intro to Forest Road (NYSE:FRX) SPAC FRX SPAC is often referred to as “Shaq SPAC” due to the former NBA star’s role as strategic advisor. While enhanced by the advisory presence of Shaq and MLK III, the heart FRX lies within the deal flow of the media team. The team has significant expertise in media […]