IGNY SPAC – The Life Sciences Sector On Fire?

An Introduction to the Ignyte Acquisition Corporation (NASDAQ: IGNY) The IGNY SPAC brings a quality offering to the Life Sciences industry. A surprisingly meagre offering but a fantastic sponsor and team member composition indicate a great future for the company. Initially entering the open markets on January 28th 2021, with a surprisingly low offering of […]

LWAC SPAC – A Plague On Life Sciences?

An introduction to the Locust Walk (NASDAQ:LWAC) Acquisition Corporation An exciting entrant onto the SPAC scene looks to enter the Life Sciences and Biotech field. A particularly interesting field that is experiencing the positive ripple effects through the industry-wide Health upsurge. The LWAC SPAC looks to take advantage of the lack of competition with this […]

FLAC SPAC – Expect Some FLAC In The Life Sciences

An introduction to the Frazier Lifesciences (NASDAQ:FLAC) Acquisition Corporation The boom in the Medical and Technology sectors have had rippling effects all across the financial markets. The Life Sciences industry is a very lucrative marketplace with incredible growth potential and scalability. The FLAC SPAC aims to capitalize on this. Initially seeking $100 million to enter […]

BCYP SPAC -Big Genomics Money for Big Cypress?

An Introduction to the Big Cypress (NASDAQ: BCYP) Acquisition Corporation It is no secret that the biggest sectors right now are the Medical and Technology fields. The BCYP SPAC narrows its entrance into the Medical field by looking at Life Sciences. Bringing with it a fantastic team with countless years of experience. Announcing itself on […]

BCAC SPAC – Why Cash out and Walk the (Brook)line?

Introduction to the Brookline Capital (NASDAQ: BCAC) Acquisition Corporation Brookline Capital and the BCAC SPAC entered the open markets with a humble offering of $50 million. Considerably smaller than the numbers that we are used to. As of August 2020, the New York-based firms latest offering has gone reasonably undetected. But the decision to bring […]