QFTA SPAC – The Quantum States Of Latin American FinTech

An introduction to the Quantum FinTech (NYSE: QFTA) Acquisition Corporation The world of SPACs is exploding and while many are legitimate it is important to be wary of less scrupulous opportunities. The QFTA SPAC certainly treads the line with a reasonably mysterious venture into the FinTech sector. Hitting the open markets in February 2021 with […]

BENE SPAC – Benessere Aiming for Tech in Latin America

Introduction to Benessere (BENE SPAC) Benessere Capital Acquisition (NYSE:BENE) raised $100M targeting middle market technology businesses in the Americas. The team managed to raise a half of a warrant per unit, and fairly sponsor-favorable terms given the context. Typically, Latin American (and broader foreign) SPACs raise on much more investor-favorable terms, including rights and other […]