ADER SPAC – Gambling With Acquisitions

Introduction to the 26 Capital Acquisition (NASDAQ: ADER) Corporation SPACs are looking more attractive than ever to private companies looking to go public and avoid the tedious IPO process. The ADER SPAC is the perfect example of this mentality trickling into the lesser-known gaming sector of the financial markets. With an upsized IPO of $275 […]

IGAC SPAC – Gaming and Leisure Innovation

Introduction to the IG Acquisition (NASDAQ: IGAC) Corporation A pretty fresh and exciting SPAC that is looking to capitalize on the recent multi-sector dip due to the global pandemic. The IGAC SPAC has the investing world talking. The SPAC hit the open markets on October 1st 2020 with 30 million units at a standard $10 […]

ACEV SPAC – An Chip Ace in the Hole?

An Introduction to the ACE Convergence Acquisition (NASDAQ: ACEV) SPAC On July 27th 202, the ACEV SPAC began trading on the NASDAQ. The IPO containted 20,000,000 units at the standard $10.00 per unit. Listed on the NASDAQ, each unit was a Class A share and one half of a warrant. The company has been making […]

DMYI SPAC – DMY III Diving Into Mobile Gaming

Intro: For DMY Tech III, Nosediving into two industries is no easy task. To be specific, 2 of the biggest industries: the mobile app industry & the consumer internet industry. According to DMY tech, it was mainly due to Google and Apple that these two industries have boomed. Following the model of these big corporations, […]