DBDR SPAC – Searching for Established Tech Targets

Brief Introduction to the Roman DBDR Tech Acquisition Corp. (Nasdaq: DBDR) Roman DBDR Tech Acquisition (DBDR SPAC) listed on the Nasdaq during November 2020  by raising US$ 220 MM; offering 22 Million units at US$ 10;  with each unit representing one share of common stock and one-half of a warrant exercisable at US$ 11.50. It […]

BCAC SPAC – Why Cash out and Walk the (Brook)line?

Introduction to the Brookline Capital (NASDAQ: BCAC) Acquisition Corporation Brookline Capital and the BCAC SPAC entered the open markets with a humble offering of $50 million. Considerably smaller than the numbers that we are used to. As of August 2020, the New York-based firms latest offering has gone reasonably undetected. But the decision to bring […]

TINV SPAC – Believe in The Asian Unicorn Stonk

An Introduction to the Tiga Investments (NYSE: TINV) Acquisition Corporation As more and more SPACs flood the open market, the TINV SPAC is a shining beacon of a “Blank Check” company in its purest definition. All geared up with nowhere to go, the company has successfully entered the public market as of 23rd November 2020. […]

TWNI SPAC – In Search of European Tech Unicorn

Intro to the Tailwind International Acquisition SPAC (NYSE: TWNI) TWNI SPAC is yet another addition to the ever-increasing universe of SPACs in the US. However; this SPAC comes with a different “European” edge. TWNI claims to be the first SPAC with a star lineup of tech sponsors from the US and Europe who will focus […]

MTAC SPAC – MedTech Sector is getting Tacky?

An Introduction to the MedTech (NASDAQ: MTAC) Acquisition Corporation Perhaps you hear the name, MedTech and immediately consider the MTAC SPAC as yet another acquisition company entering the medical and health sector. Well, you wouldn’t be wrong but the MTAC SPAC is aimed at a very particular niche subsector that is surprisingly empty with companies […]

LUXA SPAC – A touch of LUXury in HealthTech

An Introduction to the Lux Health Tech (NASDAQ: LUXA) Acquisition Corporation The SPAC sector has been exploding over recent years. With that number set to rise, it is no surprise that VC firms are arriving on the scene. The LUXA SPAC is a prime example. Brought to you from the extremely talented investor, Peter HΓ©rbert, […]

SCOA SPAC – A Collection of Great Assets?

Introduction to the ScION Tech Growth I (NASDAQ: SCOA) Acquisition Corporation SPACs are running rampant across the US financial markets. This is making waves across borders as many more businesses are realizing the great benefits of the “Blank Check” company. The SCOA SPAC is a clear indication of the incoming tidal wave. These foreign-based SPACs […]

DUNE SPAC – A Taste of The SPAC Melange

An introduction to the Dune Acquisition (NASDAQ: DUNE) Corporation SPAC The past few years have seen the popularity of SPACs grow to unprecedented heights. More and more businesses are starting to prefer the ease of going public with the assistance of companies such as the DUNE SPAC as opposed to the traditional IPO process. However, […]