NMMC SPAC – We’re In The FinTech SPAC Business

An Introduction to the North Mountain Merger (NASDAQ: NMMC) Corporation The SPAC industry is growing to unprecedented sizes. Previously, the concept was laughed out of conversations but the NMMC SPAC is a clear sign that the process is here for the long run. Brought to you by a team of SPAC-veterans, fresh off the back […]

KAIR SPAC – KAIR about Insurance and Tech

An introduction to the Kairos Acquisition(NASDAQ: KAIR) Corporation The SPAC sector is an attractive process for many different businesses that are looking to enter the open markets. The KAIR SPAC aims to direct its blank check towards the Insurance and Tech sector. Better known as InsurTech, this rapidly developing industry has shown some fantastic growth […]

BHSE SPAC – Time To Pump And Dump This Bull

Introduction to the Bull Horn Holdings (NASDAQ: BHSE) Corporation SPACs are becoming the new norm. With more and more investors becoming aware of the benefits of the process. Health and Tech are dominating the scene but the BHSE SPAC aims to take advantage of the sports sector in a particularly interesting way. The BHSE SPAC […]

EPHY SPAC – One More Epiphany within the Tech Sector

An Introduction to the Epiphany Technology (NASDAQ: EPHY) Acquisition Corporation The SPAC surge in recent times has hit a number of sectors more than most. Amongst those, the technology and healthcare sectors are the largest affected. The EPHY SPAC is one of the latest offerings to enter the Tech-related SPAC space. The Epiphany Technology Acquisition […]

ASAQ SPAC – Just Another FinTech Mover and Shaker

Introduction to ASAQ SPAC This SPAC has mentioned that it hasn’t yet identified “any potential initial business combination target”. But what is quite clear is the type of company this is. This corporation plans to target many techs and tech service industries, media/telecom, and “business and consumer-related service[s]” companies. An interesting thing to note is […]

ADER SPAC – Gambling With Acquisitions

Introduction to the 26 Capital Acquisition (NASDAQ: ADER) Corporation SPACs are looking more attractive than ever to private companies looking to go public and avoid the tedious IPO process. The ADER SPAC is the perfect example of this mentality trickling into the lesser-known gaming sector of the financial markets. With an upsized IPO of $275 […]

AGC SPAC – Growing To New Heights?

An Introduction to the Altimeter Growth (Nasdaq: AGC) Corporation The SPAC world is filled with contenders, some more legitimate than others. But the reasonably new financial tool is shifting constantly and the AGC SPAC marks the beginning of that evolution. Looking to enter the tech sector with a substantial IPO of $450 million, the tradition […]

AKIC SPAC – Play Of The Game?

An Introduction to the Sports Ventures Acquisition (NASDAQ: AKIC) Corporation The SPAC sector is filling with contenders looking to enter every industry. Although the most SPAC-filled sectors extend to tech and healthcare, the potential earnings with the less popular industries should not be forgotten. But has the AKIC SPAC got what it takes? Below is […]

CRHC SPAC – A Lineup of Box Office Wall Street Names!

Introduction to the Cohn Robbins Holdings Corp. (NYSE: CRHC) In September 2020, Cohn Robbins Holdings Corp (CRHC SPAC) listed on the NYSE raising an upsized mega SPAC deal of US$ 720 Million offering 72 Million units at US$ 10  per unit with each unit representing one share of common stock and one-third of a warrant […]

XPOA SPAC – Money CAN buy you happiness

An Introduction to the DPCM Special Purpose Acquisition (NYSE: XPOA) Company The surprising turns around the XPOA SPAC are certainly very strange. A well-known and connected team with a large sized target in mind. Entering into a rapidly growing sector. It is certainly surprising to see the share price sitting so idle. Entering the open […]