OSTR SPAC – Multi-Focus Lens On Real Estate

Intro Sponsored by Oyster Enterprises, this company plans on investing in mainly real estate, tech, and a few other industries. Their chosen method is to target early-stage companies that “exhibit the potential to change the industries in which they participate [in].” They believe that with the support of the management team, and the sponsor, they […]

IGNY SPAC – The Life Sciences Sector On Fire?

An Introduction to the Ignyte Acquisition Corporation (NASDAQ: IGNY) The IGNY SPAC brings a quality offering to the Life Sciences industry. A surprisingly meagre offering but a fantastic sponsor and team member composition indicate a great future for the company. Initially entering the open markets on January 28th 2021, with a surprisingly low offering of […]

QFTA SPAC – The Quantum States Of Latin American FinTech

An introduction to the Quantum FinTech (NYSE: QFTA) Acquisition Corporation The world of SPACs is exploding and while many are legitimate it is important to be wary of less scrupulous opportunities. The QFTA SPAC certainly treads the line with a reasonably mysterious venture into the FinTech sector. Hitting the open markets in February 2021 with […]

PAQC SPAC – SEA Unicorn Tech is PAQ’d to the brim

An introduction to the Provident Acquisition Corporation (NASDAQ: PAQC) Foreign marketplaces are starting to see the benefit of avoiding the traditional IPO process and favouring the SPAC route. The US trend has spread to Europe and can be seen increasingly more so in Asia. The PAQC SPAC is the latest offering bringing a huge blank […]

PACX SPAC – The Hunt For A Greenhorn Tech Unicorn

An Introduction to the Pioneer Merger Corporation (NASDAQ: PACX) The world of SPACs has a number of different offerings, ranging from the extremely trustworthy to the somewhat shady. The PACX SPAC is at the far end of the extremely safe and reputable spectrum. Bringing with it some of the biggest celebrity names in the rapidly […]

LWAC SPAC – A Plague On Life Sciences?

An introduction to the Locust Walk (NASDAQ:LWAC) Acquisition Corporation An exciting entrant onto the SPAC scene looks to enter the Life Sciences and Biotech field. A particularly interesting field that is experiencing the positive ripple effects through the industry-wide Health upsurge. The LWAC SPAC looks to take advantage of the lack of competition with this […]

FINM SPAC – Fishing for Unicorns In The Tech Sector

An Introduction to the Marlin Technology (NASDAQ:FINM) Corporation The FINM SPAC looks to take advantage of the huge amount of interest within the Tech sector. Bringing with it a sizeable Trust, it seems as though the Marlin Technology Corporation is on the hunt for a Unicorn. Initially filing for a sizeable $300 million IPO, the […]

FLAC SPAC – Expect Some FLAC In The Life Sciences

An introduction to the Frazier Lifesciences (NASDAQ:FLAC) Acquisition Corporation The boom in the Medical and Technology sectors have had rippling effects all across the financial markets. The Life Sciences industry is a very lucrative marketplace with incredible growth potential and scalability. The FLAC SPAC aims to capitalize on this. Initially seeking $100 million to enter […]

GFX SPAC – Soaring Like A Golden Falcon

An introduction to the Golden Falcon (NYSE:GFX) Acquisition Corporation It is no secret that SPACs are currently dominating the US Marketplace. But across recent times Investors have started to see SPAC-related ventures looking towards targets across Asia and even Europe. The GFX SPAC epitomizes this pursuit. Trading on the NYSE as of December 17th 2020 […]

BCYP SPAC -Big Genomics Money for Big Cypress?

An Introduction to the Big Cypress (NASDAQ: BCYP) Acquisition Corporation It is no secret that the biggest sectors right now are the Medical and Technology fields. The BCYP SPAC narrows its entrance into the Medical field by looking at Life Sciences. Bringing with it a fantastic team with countless years of experience. Announcing itself on […]